Tuesday, December 7, 2010

future (:

i'm waiting here. right here. waiting for the love that never ends. whether you'll be mine? forever? i've tried to make me busy all the day. i wonder if you can love me like you did before. i'm all alone. oh shit! i'm gonna trying to forget the past. we're done. cilla big gurl,, don't cry sayang. be a good gurl. let people talk bad things bout you (: hey hey. don't make me sad. back off people. i'm not the old cilla anymore. dear umie, iloveyousomuch. thanks for everything. alia, you are great! iloveyou sangatsangat. kawan2,, kenape korang sombong? ohh tidakk. aku yg sombong kan? maaf yewp. siape nak kawan org sombong kn? i'm not hotstuff pon. bukan org kaye. sume benda msti pandang poket. poket kau tebal dgn duit ke sampah? kalau sampah kau jalan terus jgn pandang pandang. kan kan? it's all bout money money money. hell yeah! dear readers, don't judge a book by its cover. so,, kenal dulu baru tahu. dear kawan2 sedia ade,, sorry kalau aku ade salah dgn korang. aku tau aku byk kelemahan, so ampun ya (:

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