Monday, August 8, 2011


hello. baru balik dari class costing. lecturer mengamuk. luckily not with me. junior buat hal. fotostat jawapan tutorial dari class lain. ahh do i care. penat. panas hari ni. while driving to the class suddenly tears fall down. sampai bila? i dont know. balik tadi pon crying baby. haishh. mane entah semangat aku dulu. agaknya dah bagi sume tat memey. now she's quite strong. dah boleh survive. sekarang i amek kelemahan dia. asal doe? entah. tadi kena lecture nan Farihan. be strong bla bla bla. thanks for your sympathy. i am trying so hard now. please be with me friends. i hope i'll get what i want. that's all. i am really tired. have a peaceful life peeps. kbye

6 suka kentut:

aleeya @ danie said...

i'll always with u dear.. dont worry... n smile plss... =)

cilla ghazali said...

thanks danie. really appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

saba eh syg. it will back to normal.
dat is KARMA syg.
dun give up (:

Anonymous said...

saba eh. dis is what we called KARMA syg. dun give up. see, i da amek spirit you plak skunk. (:

Anonymous said...

saba eh syg.
dis is wat we called KARMA.
see, i da amek spirit. then u plak da xde spirit tuh.

cilla ghazali said...

dearest memey , can i have back my spirit now? i really need it. i sabar u. dont worry. stay with me :)

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