Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Too Pushy

It may be time to take a stand or seriously consider walking away from this relationship if your guy :
  • Is always critical, making you feel you often say something stupid.
  • Tries to pressure you into having less contact with friends and family.
  • Puts down every interest you have outside the relationship and tries to bully you into giving it up.
  • Dominates what goes on in your sex life, whether you are comfortable with it or not.
  • Text and calls you so much that you're starting to feel you're under surveillance.
  • Dismisses your opinions and decisions as though you are a clueless little girl.
  • Keeps trying to influence things like how much you exercise or how you do your hair and make-up.
  • Behaves like he's your superior or your teacher, not your equal.

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