Friday, March 4, 2011


entri buad yg tersyg.
thanks sbb care bout me.
thanks sbb salu text ceila.
thanks sbb stay with me even in difficult situation.
thanks for being understanding.
thanks for your most beautiful words.
thanks for your kindness.
thanks for everything.
i won't forget you.
that's my promise.
even i have a boyfriend i won't do that.
you are always in my heart.
just stay with me.
i know it's too difficult for us.
i will wait for you.
i will be there for you if it possible.
i love you.
these 3 magic words if it possible i want to say it in front of you.
we know the answer.
somehow i will always miss you.
just take care.
what ever you do i'll be there for you.

ceila ghazali

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