Sunday, March 6, 2011

doktor, i love you lah :D

okay .
smlm meet doctor kt Ipoh .
nk tau ape doc tu ckp?
dia stress dgn kerja yg dia buad .
tade rehat .
terlalu fikir masalah or sesuatu berulang (kerap) .
doc tnya aku amek kos ape .
akaun lah for sure aku jawab !
then she said, if can't do that coarse just quit or change to other coarse !
tu yg aku nk dgr sgt tu.
alangkah nikmatnya hidup kalo dpt quit dr sini.
dah bosan and nothing here !
i'm sick of those people here .
sakit hati and sakit jiwa stay lame lame kt sini .
THANKS lah doc !
love youuuu :)
so babah, take it lah :D
i'm done with this coarse .
if it possible imma gonna change coarse and most important i don't wanna stay here !

p/s : make it happen please. no need to think twice babah. i'll think it and hope you'll let me decide what i want. 

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